A fire that has been burning since 1961

“SALA GIOVANNI” was founded in 1961. The company carries out shell casting for the manufacture aluminium alloy, brass and bronze castings.

“SALA GIOVANNI” was founded in 1961. The company carries out shell casting for the manufacture aluminium alloy, brass and bronze castings. The foundry initially operated in the Como area, focusing mainly on the thermohydraulic and textile machinery sectors.

Over the years, in response to market needs, we have left the brass and bronze sectors in order to specialise in aluminium alloys. The old coal-fired furnaces were replaced with electric ones, with a profound improvement in the working environment, in compliance with hygiene, safety and pollution requirements.

The 1990s brought further development with the opening of a new die-casting department, now with three fully automated machines of different tonnage.

Today the business caters to a wide range of industries from food to mechanical and automotive using the most varied aluminium alloys and providing a high-quality product complete with machining, surface treatments, and heat treatments, etc.

Flexibility, which is one of the company’s defining features, can also be seen in our ability to rapidly develop products that require the use of different alloys (aluminium-magnesium, aluminium-copper, aluminium-silicon, aluminium-zinc), sometimes incompatible with each other. This is possible with both shell casting and die-casting.

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Excellence of the territory

Harmony, creativity and prestige are the most appreciated qualities of Made in Italy which are identified with Lake Como. An area rich in values and meanings able to transmit a very important added value to the local realities that compose it.

Commitment to the environment

We are proud to inform our clients that thanks to the agreement signed with E.ON Energia S.p.A., from 1st August 2021 Fonderia Sala will only use electricity coming from renewable sources.

Plans for the future

The secret of our longevity?
Melding the craftsmanship of the past with the technological innovation of the future!

The upheavals of the early 2000s and the globalisation of markets have led the company to change direction with a partial turnover of customers and entry into new production sectors.

The growth of recent years has allowed significant investments:

  • in the commercial sector, entering the German market
  • on quality, obtaining ISO 9001-2015 certification
  • in production with the acquisition of a new fully automated work island.

The TeamWork project is helping FONDERIA SALA to transform itself from an artisanal company, mainly working at a local level, into one that can compete on foreign markets, while maintaining its longstanding versatility and craftsmanship.
The German market and the car industry are the targets for the coming years.

The third generation of the Sala family is now joining the company founded by Giovanni almost 60 years ago, and the cooperation between people of different generations is one of the key factors on which we depend for the development of the business and the continuity of the company.

IZB 2016 Trade Fair | Germany

Together with the TeamWork group, in 2016 Fonderia Sala took part in its first IZB trade fair in Germany with considerable success.

16-18 Oct 2018 IZB Wolfsburg | Germany

Last year at the IZB exhibition in Germany, Fonderia Sala together with the partners of Teamwork consolidated its presence among the top suppliers in the automotive world.

IZB 2022 Trade Fair | Germany

Once again this year, Fonderia Sala is participating in the IZB fair in Wolfsburg. Together with the TeamWork group, they are enthusiastically building relationships with international partners and suppliers.