Our technical knowledge plus the experience gained in over 60 years of business, enable us to provide customers with a complete and quality service

Our technical knowledge plus the experience gained in over 60 years of business, enable us to provide customers with a complete and quality service

The services we offer include:

    • design of shells or dies for die-casting from a prototype or a three-dimensional drawing so as to provide the customer with the highest possible quality product;
    • production of shells or dies for die-casting through close professional partnerships with specialised companies we trust;
    • performance of sampling;
    • production of castings. Shell casting can be performed by hand or with the help of hydraulic work benches or universal shell casting machines and, in the case of die-casting, with three machines, of respectively 200t, 250t and 360t. Moreover, each production cycle is designed to best satisfy the customer’s needs, whether they mass-production or limited quantities, but above all with the maximum respect for delivery times;
    • The castings can be supplied as they leave the foundry or surface finished with buffing, dressing-off, sanding, tumbling or hand polishing. Mechanical machining processes can be performed and also, if the structure of the casting allows, threaded bushes, pins, screws, nuts etc. can be embedded in the casting.

    A Quality Service

    Our company has always strongly believed in Quality, working daily in its pursuit at every stage of the process.

    Since May 2017, Quality has been guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certification in Quality of the Company Management System.

    This certification, the cornerstone of our project of organic growth, allows us to make the most of our technical expertise and represents a renewed commitment to the customer and the market, both national and international.

    The Customer:

    We measure our performance through customer satisfaction and loyalty. The customer is the focus of the company’s expectations and activities;
    Our customers recognise our experience, quality, flexibility and competitiveness, as well as our punctuality in meeting delivery deadlines;
    We provide competent technical support specialised in problem solving, to identify the best solutions to the Customer’s needs and problems;
    We develop and consolidate relationships based on mutual trust with our customers.

    The Product:

    We maintain and constantly improve our technological knowledge of the product;
    We develop and promote the use of increasingly efficient raw materials;
    We work with leading suppliers capable of ensuring the performance needed to meet the needs of internal product-processes and those of our customers, so we only use carefully selected qualified suppliers endowed with the relevant cutting-edge technologies;
    We use innovative machines and systems made by industry leaders;
    We monitor the product at each of the various stages of processing;
    We perform quality checks in line with the requirements expressed by the customer, aiming to deliver products with zero defects.

    The Processes:

    The organisation’s processes are defined and documented with the support of the employees involved.
    All process managers strive for continuous improvement based on the implementation of targeted methodologies, the effective exchange of knowledge and the implementation of a “clean where you go” policy;
    We implement working methods that allow for the effective identification and traceability of products;
    We measure the effectiveness of our processes through the implementation of the necessary indicators and internal audits (on our processes) and external audits (on our suppliers).

    Mandatory and voluntary regulations:

    We comply with the regulations (contractual, national, European and international) governing the mandatory and voluntary product and process requirements in the fields of industrial, accounting and personnel management;
    We guarantee the continuous updating of applicable legislation through qualified sources of information.


    Our company’s business philosophy is strongly supported by the enthusiasm, professional training and responsibility of our staff. The quality and service offered to our customers are based on the skills and expertise of our staff.
    Their participation in the life of the company goes far beyond the mere provision of work opportunities but is a synergistic partnership aimed at common objectives.

    Sustainable development:

    We promote policies for recycling raw materials; We consider sustainable development to be a structural and enduring phenomenon, launching initiatives aimed at limiting the negative effects of our actions on society and the environment;
    Our customers can be sure that all raw materials are procured in a socially responsible manner.


    We apply an occupational safety policy consisting of the prevention of occupational and non-occupational accidents and the promotion of health at work.


    We adopt a proactive attitude towards technological and organisational innovations that improve the company’s performance;
    We promote the constant development of information systems, thus ensuring a reduction of errors, superfluous work phases and an improvement in the identification and traceability systems of raw materials, components and semi-finished products.

    The quality management system policy:

    We systematically check and update the quality management system policy, providing a continuous improvement in standards to ensure customers increasing product quality and greater satisfaction in services;
    We communicate and foster understanding and application at all levels of the organisation.

    Ask us for more information

    Our staff are at your disposal for any questions or clarifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us… SALA will get back to you!